EASY join it Reachability

The ingenious plugin for Catia for automatically checking the accessibility of joining tools


Product security made easy

Secure your product in the first product phase. The accessibility of joining tools can be checked during development using fully automatic collision control in a CATIA simulation. Especially in this phase, in which robot accessibility does not yet play a role, the fundamental check of later “feasibility” (manufacturing/collision control during joining) must not be ignored

With EASY join it Reachability you can verify your joining tools at the earliest stage of product development. To do this, you do not have to carry out complex investigation loops with any data conversions, but simply work in the same CAD program in which the product is developed, similar to a CATIA simulation. Thanks to the high flexibility of the software, you can use it directly for product validation during development, or even during fixture design for a product that has already been developed, by verifying the tools directly in the fixture via collision control. Do you want to integrate a new product into an existing production line? The software can also examine this for you in a short time.


Automated assurance of product development and/or production planning in connection with the accessibility of joining tools

  • Fully automated accessibility inspection
  • Up to 80% time savings, with 100% safe collision control
  • Alternative joining tools are immediately visible
  • Independent of data structures in the CAD program
  • Work directly in the CAD program, similar to a CATIA simulation

  • No data conversion
  • Clean documentation of the investigation
  • Detailed overview of the test results
  • Results compatible with other simulation programs

When it comes to ensuring tool accessibility, visual collision control is a particularly error-prone area of ​​work. The EASY join it software carries out a type of CATIA simulation in which fully automatic collision control is carried out. This collision control is generated purely mathematically and incorporates every interference contour that is present in the CATIA model into the CATIA simulation. This means that a check can be carried out with 100% certainty.


Automatic inspection for every joining tool

Since not only the geometric shape of the different joining tools differs from one another, but also many technical backgrounds of the process, EASY join it Reachability can be adapted to the required processes via the joining modules and thus a clean CATIA simulation, with 100% reliable collision checks and subsequent documentation carry out.

Resistance spot welding



Flow drilling

Friction welding

MIG/MAG welding

Stud welding

Laser soldering



Frequently asked questions & answers

For which design programs is the software available?

The software is currently available as an add-on for CATIA V5 from release 2014.

What input data is required?

If an OEM-specific variant is to be used, native CAD data in CATIA V5 is required. In addition, the joining information must be stored in a specific format. A uniform and easy-to-use structure of the joining data can be created with EASY join it Creation.

Are there predefined structures in CATIA?

Yes, if an OEM-specific variant is to be used, the data must be prepared accordingly.

Can I only use OEM-specific data?

No, this is just an option. The EASY Join it Reachability software can also work with other CATIA compatible file formats (STEP, 3DXML, etc.) and import the joining points as a simple EXCEL list.

Are special licenses required for the CAD programs?

Yes, a PKT or KT1 license is required.

Is there an instruction manual for the software?

Yes, an instruction manual is included and can be accessed via the software.

Do I need other programs to use it?

Yes, an EXCEL version from 2010 is required to export the results.


The right license for every user

Our licensing models are tailored to your needs. Whether computer-bound or floating license: we offer all users the best solution. No matter whether you are a small design office or a large automotive company.

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