EASY join it Creation

The intuitive plugin for Catia for the automated creation of joining elements


Simple creation of joining elements, in point and seam designs, directly via the software

EASY join it Creation offers the user a simple and functional way to create joining elements directly via the software in CATIA. The biggest advantage is that all important information about each joining element is automatically recognized and recorded.

Often, in the early development status of a product, no joining information about the manufacturing process is stored. Nevertheless, initial safeguards regarding future production should already be carried out. This is exactly where EASY join it Creation supports you. The software offers you the opportunity to easily create various joining elements on your product and check them as you proceed. The tool is also a strong tool in the area of ​​CATIA welding.


With EASY join it Creation you can accelerate your design processes

  • Easiest creation of joining elements in the first stage of development
  • Quick selection of components directly in the CAD program CATIA
  • Automatic generation of connection data in the CAD program, for example in CATIA welding
  • All joining information on components and processes is recorded directly
  • Possibility to directly define the joining process of a product
  • Easy way to position and align joining elements
  • Powerful tool in the area of ​​CATIA welding

With the EASY Join it Rechability software, we developed a powerful tool for examining the accessibility of joining tools in CATIA several years ago. However, we and our customers were often faced with the problem that the development status of the products to be examined did not contain any connection technology in the very early phase. Since there was no attachment in CATIA V5 that met our needs for CATIA welding, we developed our own tool. The original idea arose from our own projects that involved spot CATIA welding. In collaboration with various customers, we then adapted and expanded the tool to the most diverse point joining processes used in the automotive industry. In addition, the tool has also been expanded to include seam connections and is now able to create seams, which allows the user to design the planning phase for CATIA welding as flexibly as possible.


The suitable module for all joining processes

Each joining process has its own specific test criteria. EASY join it Creation offers testing algorithms that are differentiated from the common joining processes and adapted to the respective joining process and its specific requirements. This means that a meaningful test result can be delivered for every joining situation, regardless of whether it is CATIA welding, other point joining processes or seam connections.

Resistance spot welding



Flow drilling

Friction welding

MIG/MAG welding

Stud welding

Laser soldering



Frequently asked questions & answers

Can the software also create weld spots?

Yes, the software is suitable for all common joining processes, both point processes such as spot welding or riveting, as well as seam processes such as inert gas welding or soldering.

For which design programs is the software available?

The software is currently available as an add-on for CATIA V5 from release 2014.

What input data is required?

The native CAD data in CATIA, as well as other compatible data formats such as STEP, 3DXML or similar, can be used.

Are special licenses required for the CAD programs?


Pricing & Licenses

The right license for every user

Our licensing models are tailored to your needs. Whether computer-bound or floating license: we offer all users the best solution. No matter whether you are a small design office or a large automotive company.

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