EASY join it Documentation

The powerful plugin for Catia for automatically generating joining documentation


Record complex processes quickly, clearly and securely

With EASY join it Documentation you ensure that the test results and processes, which you have put a lot of effort into developing and would like to implement and establish as profitably as possible in the future, are clearly presented and comprehensibly documented for every employee in the process chain.

With EASY join it Documentation you can document your entire joining process most efficiently. The software not only offers the user the opportunity to implement highly complex process representations in a significantly shorter time, but also minimizes potential sources of error to a minimum.

With this software, forgotten or overlooked joining points or components, typos or transposed numbers are a thing of the past. Even new product revisions can be incorporated into the existing documentation with minimal effort and maximum quality assurance.


Partially automated documentation creation with maximum efficiency directly from the design program

  • Largely automated documentation creation
  • At least 80% time savings
  • 100% error free
  • Maximum adaptability of the information to be documented
  • Independent of data structures in the CAD program
  • Work directly in the CAD program with intelligent image function
  • No data conversion necessary
  • Clean and uniform structure of the documentation
  • Detailed overview of the documented information
  • Visual representation adaptable to customer design
  • Documentation can be presented via various media


The optimal documentation for every joining method in the process

The process of creating a new product can be very involved and complex. For this reason, we have equipped EASY join it Documentation with the option of describing the process documentation according to the joining methods used. This not only offers a much more structured and therefore clearer structure in the final documentation, but it also has the advantage that the joining processes can be viewed individually in their complexity and their special features can therefore be addressed.

Resistance spot welding



Flow drilling

Friction welding

MIG/MAG welding

Stud welding

Laser soldering



Frequently asked questions & answers

For which design programs is the software available?

The software is currently available as an add-on for CATIA V5 from release 2014.

What input data is required?

Both the “results data” from EASY join it Rechability and completely independent data can be used. These can be components in all file formats that CATIA allows and joining information in a simple EXCE list.

Are there predefined structures in CATIA?

The structure is created directly via the program, so the user does not have to make any preparations.

Are special licenses required for the CAD programs?

No, a simple license is sufficient.

Is there an instruction manual for the software?

Yes, an instruction manual is included and can be accessed via the software.

Do I need other programs to use it?

Yes, a program is required to output the documentation.

In which programs can the results be displayed?

You can currently choose between EXCEL and PowerPoint.

Can I adapt the documentation individually to my requirements?

Yes, the presentation, division, as well as special logos, etc. can be adapted to the respective customer.


The right license for every user

Our licensing models are tailored to your needs. Whether computer-bound or floating license: we offer all users the best solution. No matter whether you are a small design office or a large automotive company.

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