Our basic idea

Create capacity, increase quality and reduce costs with the help of intelligent software

Our roots lie in the automotive industry:

The AUT-TECH Group has been active in the automotive industry for over 30 years. At the beginning, the field of activity was largely focused on engineering in automobile body shell construction. The first programmer was hired back in 2010 to create optimizations for engineers in their daily work environment using various macros and tools. In 2015, the development team already consisted of three employees. The software solutions developed have also aroused the interest of vehicle manufacturers and other market participants due to their enormous efficiency, so it was decided to spin off this department. Since then, AUT-TECH Software GmbH has operated on the market as an independent company and sells self-developed products and services.

Our expertise lies wherever software can be used:

Due to increasing time and cost pressure in projects, whether in engineering, manufacturing or services, companies are now often forced to outsource their own work to countries with lower labor costs, such as China and India. The AUT-TECH Group also relies on internal group capacities from India in order to be able to meet customers' time and cost requirements. However, outsourcing these services to these locations creates many problems such as: E.g.:

  • Your own know-how must be given away
  • Communication difficulties
  • Different time zones
  • Different work mentality
  • A lot of time is required for short-term on-site meetings
  • No direct contact person but always communication via German project manager

In order to be able to compete as a German company with all its advantages, the level of automation, efficiency and process reliability of many work processes in this area must be significantly increased. This is only possible if you are aware of your potential and recognize what adjustments you can make to increase your own efficiency. 

This is exactly where we support you as our customer today. We work with you on the adjustment screws in question and together we develop individual software solutions with maximum efficiency so that you not only complete your work in a fraction of the working time, but at the same time increase the quality of the results and minimize the potential for errors. With the help of our software solutions, you can maximize the capacity of your highly qualified workforce in the future and deploy them where they can exploit their full potential.